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Don't Struggle with Mental or Physical Health, Our Advanced Treatment Works Quickly, Outstanding Genuine Results...

Welcome, we are the only treatment option to treat up to 3 conditions in one treatment session. Our treatment is an easy to do, equipment based therapy that helps to improve mental and physical health by correcting the underlying areas of Imbalance causing conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma/PTSD, Mind Fog, ADHD, OCD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic & Viral Fatigue and many other conditions. Treatment takes just two to four hours per session, is very easy and very relaxing. Fast Acting Results* with 50% for June 2024

No Counselling or Medication Required

Most of our clients had already been to see their GP, tried gadgets, counselling or medications and were still suffering with Depression, Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, Trauma, ADHD etc and found just one of our treatment sessions helped more than anything else did. We recommend you try at least one treatment session and assess from there.

Real World Results

We have such excellent results as our treatment is the only method that helps to correct (re-calibrate) the underlying causes of the condition which are the areas of Imbalance within the whole body, when these areas are corrected (re-balanced) you get vast improvements in that condition as per the client feedback*.

Advanced Equipment Based Therapy - Unique Scan for Imbalances & Treatment...

Our studies have shown those suffering with the most common mental & physical health problems make vast improvements when the areas of ‘imbalance’ within the whole body are corrected, their Mental and/or Physical Health is so much better. With our treatment clients are able to achieve far better results in just one or two 4 hour treatment sessions, as we strive to make successful treatment accessible to all, you should try at least 1 treatment session and assess from there.

We can help end the daily struggle of feeling Depressed, Anxious, Tired, in Pain, Traumatised etc…

Lots of people struggle daily with their conditions which affects every area of their life, how they feel personally, their behaviour, moods and emotional state and also affects everyone around them from home, work and relationships. We can help improve mental and physical health, so people feel and function much better.

Mental & Physical health issues are actually caused by problems within the body, our bodies become imbalanced over time and this affects how we think, feel and behave, when these areas of imbalance are improved, it automatically improves how we think, feel and behave. We are able to target these problem areas and re-balance them to help improve how you feel and function.

Treat Up to 3 Conditions at Once

Clients achieve such outstanding results as we are able to treat up to 3 conditions at once, we can help with Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Mind Fog, Bipolar, OCD, BPD, ADHD Fibromyalgia, Chronic & Viral Fatigue in one 4 hour treatment session for Life Changing Results*.

Revive Yourself

Investing in your own health is essential, when your overall Mental & Physical Health is better, your life is better, you are able to work more or earn more, have better relationships, feel happy, enjoy family life, enjoy your life more, good Mental & Physical Health is the key to a happy life, which is an ‘essential investment’.

Our treatment can help with multiple conditions quickly in just one or two treatment session, hence why we achieve such amazing results and value for money, with excellent client feedback, don’t struggle anymore, now is the time to ‘Revive Yourself’ and be happy.

Free Consultation

Please call us free on 0800 233 5111 or click the link below and we will call you back to explain how our treatment is very different to all the usual options and provides a much better treatment option to achieve excellent results for those suffering with Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Mind Fog, Bipolar, OCD, BPD, ADHD Fibromyalgia, Chronic & Viral Fatigue. 

Free Consultation

Outstanding Client Results....

‘We have been using the equipment and methods with our veterans for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and for the associated conditions such as drinking abuse, anxiety and depression. The results have been fascinating, outstanding in the simple and quick application and the virtually immediate results, flash-backs have diminished, a feeling of reduced stress, sleeping patterns are back to normal and problems with anger management issues have almost disappeared’.* Veterans Support

‘I have suffered with symptoms of depression for 23yrs. I have been searching for over 10yrs for treatment. Sadly, the NHS is the last place to go for mental health treatment. I have just completed a 400mile round trip to Manchester to receive treatment and I’m already blown away with the results. I would love to be part of such an amazing team and help people who have struggled like I have to get real results. I’m looking forward to hearing from you to see if this is a possibility. Many thanks for the amazing work you do! I am forever grateful’*. Kim

‘I was treated for Depression, Anxiety and PTSD. I have been feeling much better thank you, results have been really good. I would recommend this treatment, kind regards’.* Mrs M Dollin

‘I have had treatment for Fibro, my husband has had treatment for Depression and my daughter for Fibro & PTSD. My husband has been tremendous and no longer suffers with depression my daughter who is 16 is a different girl, less pain, more confidence, much, much less anxiety, brilliant. I have had fibro for 30 years, I resigned myself to the fact that each year that went by it would get worse as things do as you get older and up till now I haven’t been wrong. I have had 3 x 4 hours sessions of treatment and I feel better now than I did in my twenties. I have had so many debilitating symptoms and as times goes by each and everything is improving. It seems unbelievable but it is real. I keep thinking it will come back but it hasn’t and I’m absolutely thrilled with all my health improvements. These treatments have made a huge difference to our family. Thank you!* Paula

‘I am doing very well since my Depression & Anxiety treatment last month. Thanks’*. Warren

‘I’m Jayne and for many years believed I was going through the menopause, days when I had no energy, felt everyone around me was enjoying life and I was just existing, no motivation and no interest in life whatsoever, was crying, felt unloved and so on. However, I was later diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety & Depression nothing to do with menopause at all. The nightmares, flashbacks etc were all due to my childhood trauma which can hit you later in life, I’d seen doctors, counsellors, therapists, group therapy but nothing seemed to work. I phoned the clinic and spoke to a man on the phone who booked me in at Wakefield, Melanie was welcoming and never judge me and showed my kindness when I was at rock bottom. After treatment I seem to change, I was calmer, didn’t have any moods, wasn’t crying and can honestly say in a month I’ve had no nightmares or flashbacks. I now dive my car and doing voluntary work, things are looking up. My eating has improved, I’m keeping busy with a more positive outlook on life. I’m so glad I reached out when I did, thank you to the man who took my call and Melanie too. I would certainly recommend this treatment to anyone whom has suffered in the past like myself, it may be the best thing you do because believe me, for me it certainly was. Thank you all again’.* Jayne

‘Thanks seems like such a small word for all the help and support you have provided me through your treatment for PTSD, Depression & Anxiety over the past few months. There were times before I started the treatment where I would kneel down and cry to God and ask him to take me away from this world and end my life. My wife and kids have also realised the change in me and they are also very grateful. Thank you for being so kind and warm and welcoming. If we don’t meet again, then I want to thank you again and hopefully see you in heaven. Thanks and regards’.* Hassan

‘My progress after my Fibro & CFS treatment has been very good. First 3 days after second treatment and I felt 30 years younger, energy wise. Lots of motivation started gardening again! Recent weeks that has calmed down and I am finding a ‘new normal’! All good so far. Many thanks for your wonderful service and treatment. Best regards’*. Val

‘I had treatment for CFS and Depression, it was just over a month ago and I can see some improvement. I am really please that I did the treatment because there is certainly a before and after effect!’ Angela

‘Just a thank you note to express my gratitude for the life changing work you do to help others with terrible mental illness. Mine is slow progress, but progress! and due to the severity of the problems I had (Anxiety, Depression & Trauma) slow is good because you were my last hope on a long journey of over 40 years! Lots of love’.* Anne-Marie

”I travelled from the Netherlands to have this treatment [3 days], I can honestly say that the treatment appears to have worked and my general feelings have changed dramatically. Your treatment has basically turned it around for me and I would just like to express my deepest gratitude for that and the fact that you were prepared to do me a deal on what has basically been a life changing experience. Thanks again and I will keep you posted’.* Steve T

‘I had high functioning depression, just to let you know my treatment for Depression and Anxiety at the Wolverhampton clinic worked very well and the practitioner was very professional and polite, many thanks’.* Marita

‘I’ve struggled with depression & anxiety for over 23 years and have been suicidal at times. I have been on so many different anti depressants I’ve lost count and any that do seem to work stop working after a while. I’ve had talking therapy, hypnotherapy, CBT etc nothing works…I don’t want to go round in circles anymore with the NHS/mental health team. I received treatment for Anxiety & Depression, having suffered with both for over 23 years I didn’t hold out much hope of anything working!  Since having the treatment, I have reduced my tablets which were 150mg a day to just 10mg a day!! And my anxiety is so much better. Thank you for giving me back my smile again. Kind regards’.* Alison

‘Before treatment I had mind fog, anxiety, stressed, struggling to carry out normal day to day activities, have gone through bouts like this since my teens. I am now 56 never gone down the route of medication but always got through these bouts but it is always difficult, since my treatment I feel a lot better, took about 4 weeks to get back to normal. No Anxiety at the moment sleep OK, no fatigue, got my appetite back. Overall very pleased with the results so far’. * Mark

‘I’m feeling I have a lot more energy & my sleep has improved’. Carly

‘I would just like to start by thanking you again. I haven’t felt this good since last year. I haven’t had a down day since the treatment for PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. Things are all on track and I also started a new job renovating a hotel. I would just like to thank you again, the treatment has been amazing and 100% worked for me. Kind regards’.* Dale

‘My son was suffering with Anxiety & Depression for various reasons, also loss of grandparent & PTSD from recent attack. He was on medical leave from armed forces and needed urgent help while waiting for a psychiatric referral, he attended treatment for 4 hours last month and he is now feeling much better and back to normal working duties so I cannot thank you enough’.* JF

‘I had treatment for OCD and anxiety, the treatment seems to have played its part in bringing about some significant changes in my life. Since my treatment I took the decision to change my career and have found I am a lot happier. Thank you’.* Dominic

‘I had a few of the symptoms, mind fog, anxiety, stressed struggling to carry out normal day to day activities. Fully back to normal, thanks for your help’.* Mark

‘My Depression & Anxiety has been the best it’s been for years since my treatment on the 1st December 2019! Happy Days!!’. * Bert

‘Since the treatment I have noticed a positive change in my mood. I am much less emotional and feel more positive about things. At the time of my appointment, I was actually signed off work and I have managed to make a successful return to work since. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is considering it. My treatment was for depression, anxiety & trauma’*. Emma

‘Overall my life has improved immensely since having the treatment done! I will definitely be having another treatment done, probably in 3 months when I’m able to save up. Thank you so much, this treatment has saved my life! Thank you’.* Lana 

‘I came from Ireland for the 3 day Fibro treatment, before treatment I had a sore head, neck, pain all over and Chronic fatigue since treatment I’m feeling so much better, not tired, no pain, it’s fantastic.’* Nuala

‘Our excellent results stem from our holistic approach to health. Mental and physical health issues often arise from imbalances within the body, and by addressing these imbalances, our clients experience significant improvements in their overall well-being…’

Repair Underlying Imbalances & Treatment

Dr William Matteson, Ph.D. author of Missing The Diagnosis: The Hidden Medical Causes of Mental Disorders states ‘When the body is not working properly, it impacts the mind. Therefore, a mind that is not working properly is often a sign of malfunctions (imbalances) within the body’. The Mind & Body are one, therefore successful treatment should treat the ‘whole body’, which our treatment does.

20 Main Systems

Our studies have shown those suffering with the most common mental & physical health problems make vast improvements when the ‘areas of imbalance within the whole body’ are corrected/improved, they ‘think and feel so much better’ as per the client reviews*

Treatment is very easy to do and takes just 2 or 4 hours…

Fast, Effective Treatment....

‘I had treatment in for PTSD, Depression and Anxiety, amazing! For the first time in 6 years the ‘anchor’ and ‘black’ heavy feeling (pulling me down) in my stomach has gone. When my mind thinks of the traumas, it remembers but only connects to it for a few seconds, then reverts to another thought. More than anything the deep pain I felt in my body and heart, the ‘painful’ feeling has gone. I’ve had counselling and been on anti-depressants for all these years and I was in a ‘haze’ brain fog just struggling through the days. Now my mind is clear and I feel hope again. My anxiety is still present and I’m practicing mindfulness and EFT to try to control this, the anxiety is not as acute as it was before. Your treatment is quite simply, a miracle! It is pioneering, innovative, non-intrusive and effective. I am happy with the results so far and feel 70% better than before the treatment. There is now light, when there was so much darkness. Thank you’.* Sharon

‘I came for treatment 6 months ago and had 3 treatment sessions for Fibro symptoms with pain, anxiety, depression and lack of sleep, the treatment really did help me and thinking about another treatment soon. Thank you’.* Fiona

‘I had treatment for Fibromyalgia, I found the treatment excellent. I have experienced a definite improvement in my condition, so much so that I am able to go the gym again to do some exercise. I would like to continue with some treatment in the near future. Thank you very much’. Amila

‘Had treatment for Fibro & PTSD, feeling a lot better, thank you so much, see you in October for my SAD’.* CJ

‘I had treatment for Fibro 5 weeks ago, feeling fine at the moment, energy levels all OK, pain OK, Fibro fog gone, so let’s hope it stays this way. Many thanks for your help’.* Peter

‘I was diagnosed with Covid-19 in May 20 and I didn’t have the main symptoms that were associated with Covid-19 at the time. I was very sick and in bed for nearly 2 weeks with extreme lethargy, brain fog, muscle and joint pain. I was off sick from work for 3 weeks and returned to my role as a community sister. I still felt lethargic but continued to go to work. Slowly over the next few weeks I deteriorated and was diagnosed with Long Covid. I was off for 6 months and my quality of life was very poor. Even small things like walking upstairs tired me and I felt like all I did was sleep. The fatigue and brain fog was unbearable. I returned to work on a phased return and was still struggling with extreme fatigue and brain fog. I decided to search for treatment to help me and found the clinic. I was skeptical about the treatment but the reviews were amazing, I had 2 sessions over 2 consecutive days. Day 1 was using the Fibromyalgia program and day 2 was using the Fibro and Covid program. To begin with, I didn’t feel any difference at all in my symptoms and even thought that my night sweats had returned after the 1st treatment. I was reassured that my body was getting rid of the toxins and that it was working. 10 days later I got out of bed in the morning and I felt different. I felt awake, my head felt lighter, my eyes awake and sparkled and I had energy for the first time in over a year! Even my friends and family noticed how different I looked. I still get tired in the afternoon but my quality of life has massively improved. I have also been able to return to work full time. I may need a top up at some point in the future but I can’t recommend it enough’.* Wendy Murphy

‘Since my 3 days in Inverness being treated for Fibromyalgia, I have felt so much better. My muscle aches and pains have lessened to some extent, I still get the odd ‘shock’ down my right arm, otherwise my treatment has massively helped’.* Karen

‘I can honestly say this treatment improved not only me self-esteem but my overall outlook on life. I have suffered with Depression/Stress and Anxiety for many years now. I learnt to live with it and assumed it was just me. However I had some personal circumstances this tear that I struggled to deal with, which led me to search for a therapy solution that could help. I visited the clinic a few weeks ago. The next day I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and positivity. Initially I assumed that I was having a good day. However as the days went on I found myself being incredibly productive at work and generally feeling good. After a few weeks I notice that I began to feel optimistic concerning my future and had an overall sense of positivity about my life. Decisions that I needed to make and emotions that I needed to address were just easier. I felt so positive about my future and my new outlook. This is a feeling I have not had for years. I would highly recommend this treatment for any that is suffering’.* Mr T Khan

‘I have made more progress since my Anxiety, Depression & OCD treatment, I think the treatment has helped to start me off and helped me to start making changes, thank you’.* Emma

‘I had a 4 hour treatment for Anxiety & Stress and so far I’ve seen a big difference. I can say about 70% to 80% of the symptoms have gone!! Thank you for all your help!!’* Chrysa

‘I began to have a change in my approach to daily life about 2 weeks the PTSD treatment, it was remarkable. I have felt better, lighter (emotionally) and have been more assertive and begun to work towards my home ready to sell. Thank you’.* A Lloyd

‘I have had Fibro & severe Migraines since my attack i suffered 9 years ago. I have PTSD, Anxiety & Depression because of this and IBS. I have got worse since my cancerous tumour 3 years ago. I am a carer to my 12 year old daughter, I have tried acupressure, acupuncture, Kinesiology, EMDR, colour therapy, sound therapy, massages and every supplement on the planet, literally! 9 years being out of pocket and out of work, being depressed as pains got worse, more tired, no relationship, praying all the time for healing to come my way, then last month I found this Fibro treatment. I read the reviews and called and asked about the treatment, booked in and here I am 6 weeks later, my pains have gone from 10/10 to a 5 or 6/10, stiffness has gone down and I’m still more positive than I have been since 2011. I believe healing comes to your at the right time when it’s meant to be and it has. I’ve been coming to the Manchester centre and the staff have been amazing. I ran late at one session and they booked me in for a free session, I appreciate their efforts and coming up with this treatment, my prayers for you and your family, I’m also more positive around my daughter and bring her next for her chronic pains! Thank you and for people reading this go for it!!. * Shareem Iqbak

‘I had treatment for Anxiety & Depression some months ago. I felt really good a few days later and it got better as the days passed. I have had some business stress which set my anxiety and depression off but I feel I have been able to handle it much better than I normally would have done. Since the business stress has gone, I have felt absolutely brilliant for a good month or so. Thank you for providing such an amazing treatment that has helped me so much’.* Chris

‘I can confirm that the brain fog has started to get better and the pains in my legs are not so severe’.* Carol

Easy to Do, Excellent Results...

Our advanced treatment produces excellent Client Feedback for Mental & Physical Health conditions with Life Changing Results* we recommend you try at least one treatment and assess from there.

2 Hours – Single Condition

Treatment for Fibromyalgia or Chronic & Viral Fatigue are best done as individual 2 hour treatment sessions over 1 to 5 consecutive days at £295.00 per session.

4 Hours – Up to 3 Conditions

Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Bipolar, OCD, BPD, ADHD are best done in a treatment block of 4 hours at £495.00 per session, to treat up to 3 conditions at once.

‘I have been suffering from Fatigue and Depression for over 20 yrs, I also complained at the time I was very tired all the time. Drs.said it’s just part of depression. 6-7yrs ago I was diagnosed with Underactive Thyroid, after I really got poorly body bloated as kidneys were shutting down. Drs.said I will feel better in about a year. A year later still extremely tired and weight piling on with me eating very little. Then after tests Drs.said I had Chronic Fatigue which I felt I’ve had for 20 ish years and getting worse each year. I felt what’s the point in living when I can’t do what I love to do and too tired every day as the simplest thing to get up go to bathroom and that’s your energy for the day used up. If there is anything I can do to improve my energy levels for more than just one day and not wipe me out for the next 7-14 days I will be so great full. I’m 57yrs, I use to love gardening and riding my horse which I haven’t been able to do now for 7 years and have to have others to look after her for me. It will be great to have my life back then I can enjoy my grandchildren too ages 1,3,5. I’ve got great news for you and Christine who treated me, it has taken a while since my Chronic Fatigue treatment and at first I didn’t think this treatment worked for me. Slowly family saw small changes in me after a couple of weeks, I wasn’t sleeping as much and I started to feel more energy and I now feel like my old self this last week I have done so much and not got tired , or I just needed to sit for half an hour and was ready to go again. I’m feeling more alive now and loving getting back into gardening and taking interest in cooking meals again which I haven’t done in years. I still have a few limitations but put that to the fact my body has to build strength back up due to many years not being able to do anything. I would like to thank you for giving my life back to me’.* Claire

‘My son recently received treatment for ADHD and I would like to help other people. I am a Learning Disability Nurse and also a social worker however I would like to work for myself in the near future. Please let me know how I can get the training and register to start.*  Lyn

‘Thank you so much for this service. I had been struggling and literally from the moment I stepped out of the centre I am in so much of a better place and that has put me in control. I would recommend this without hesitation. I feel like a normal person! Thank you again’.* Ella

‘As I write this I am delighted to say that my children are so proud of me. I also look and feel so much better. Thank you so much for giving me my life back’.* Sylvie

‘Amazed with results, I no longer feel pain in my legs, right arm, fingers and after 6 years of constant headaches they have gone. Would highly recommend to anyone with Fibromyalgia. Kim in Durham was fab, such a lovely lady’.*. Linzi

‘I feel much better after my Depression & Anxiety treatment, thank you’* Ms Khan

‘I’ve noticed that the pains that’s I had in my legs have lessened since the treatment, less throbbing pains and more stamina! Thanks for your help’.* Ruth

‘Really happy with the results of the treatment so far. I have not had a bad migraine only a couple of small ones. IBS has been better, Fibromyalgia is about 50% better overall. Many thanks’.* Mark L

‘Things are still going really well. I am in general good health and spirits, almost no pain or brain fog or fatigue. The depression, anxiety and PTSD are gone and I feel positive, happy and quite excited about the future. I am confident that this is the new me! At the moment of writing this I feel about 70% improvement from when I first came to see you 9 weeks ago. Kind regards’* Sue H

‘I had treatment in London for Energy, Depression and Anxiety. The treatment has been amazing. I started noticing the difference between 7 to 14 days after treatment. Before treatment I could hardly get out of bed and perform ever day tasks. One month later, I am now cleaning the house and my depression slowly lifted. My anxiety is better too. Unfortunately I had to have my 15 year old dog put to sleep 10 days ago, I don’t think I could have coped with the loss when I was in a deep depression. I feel the treatment helped me to deal with the heartbreak I was dealing with much better, although I am feeling a little bit low. Many thanks for all your help’. * Dawn

‘Thank you for my last lot of fibro treatment, I’ve been doing really well and have my energy back along with good sleep at night. I’m back to full time at work again, thanks’.* Daniella

‘Hi, hope you are keeping well. I am doing fantastic with muscle pain, headaches, eyes (bespoke eye treatment) all is great, Thanks a million’*. Nuala

‘It has been 4 weeks since your therapy, it appears to work! I simply cannot explain this! Thank you very much’.* Sid

‘I had been suffering with SAD for many years, it got so bad 2 years ago that I thought if I had another bad winter I couldn’t carry on and there was no point been alive. I would go to work tired, come home tired and whenever I went to see family or friends I would fall asleep while there, my life was not worth living as the winter months made me feel down, depressed, tired, fatigued and miserable. I had tried the all the useless therapies for SAD and nothing worked, then I found the centre online and I thought ‘finally someone has an actual treatment for SAD’.  I had my treatment in October 2017 when the dark nights were drawing in and my SAD was starting to get me down again. The next day I woke to feel like I had energy and actually felt good which wasn’t my usual morning feelings. Over the next few days, weeks and winter months I had no SAD symptoms whatsoever! I just felt normal and myself again no longer tired or depressed, this treatment saved my life! I had no further symptoms of SAD’* Michelle p.s. my son has also done the ADHD treatment and the results have been the same, just wow!*.

‘Hi, I had treatment in Dorset for Chronic Fatigue, I felt amazing the week after and even went to work. My Kinesiologist said all my readings were up, so that’s great news, I defo feel a change and hope I continue to heal, thanks’. * Steve

‘I was suffering from Stress, Anxiety & OCD, after treatment I feel a lot better than before and feeling more positive, I would definitely recommend this treatment for patients like me, thanks’.* Naveed

‘As you can see, we achieve excellent results, we can help without the need for counselling or medication, fast effective treatment help, which is cost effective and easy to do…’

We can help with Depression, Anxiety, Stress, PTSD/Trauma, Mind Fog, Bipolar, OCD, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic or Viral Fatigue and many other conditions...

Daily Struggle

Most people have tried gadgets, counselling, medications and will-power etc nothing has helped and they continue to struggle daily with life, feeling low and unhappy...

Safe, Fast Effective Treatment

Our treatment takes from just 4 hours per session, with most people needing 1 to 3 treatment sessions which can be spread out over a few months if required and as you can see we have the best results in this industry as we treat the 'whole body' for exceptional results, you should try at least one treatment session and assess from there...

Enquire Now to Get the Help You Need...

Please call us on 0800 233 5111 or enquire now…